Are Recruitment Agencies Worth it?

For companies that are considering whether to turn to a recruitment agency (, this question is always relevant. Let’s figure out whether you should delegate the hiring process to contractors or handle it yourself.

  1. Much depends on the volume of employees you need to hire. If you need to fill one or two vacancies in a year, you can manage this on your own. However, if new job offers come up every month, it makes sense to consider unburdening yourself. Sometimes, even internal recruiters in a company can’t handle the workload, not to mention founders or CEOs who already have many responsibilities and more critical tasks.
  2. Employee Level: If you require highly qualified specialists who are challenging to find in the job market, it’s advisable to turn to a personnel recruitment agency. This way, you not only free yourself from unnecessary burdens but also ensure that you find the exact candidate you’re looking for. Recruitment companies have extensive networks, allowing them to search for specialists not only on LinkedIn but also to identify those who aren’t active on social networks.
  3. Time: Sometimes, there’s an urgent need to fill a vacancy. In such cases, it’s better to rely on a recruitment agency. Why? Often, they already have a pool of candidates you need. This streamlines the hiring process. Potential employees will view your company favorably because they were recommended by recruiters they know. This is also a significant benefit to your company’s image, especially if you decide to collaborate with a high-rated recruitment agency in the market.

Are Recruiters in Demand in UK?

are recruitment agencies worth it

Absolutely! Moreover, qualified recruitment professionals are always in demand. The reason is that the number of IT companies is growing every day. Consequently, the demand for finding highly skilled specialists is increasing. This means that the workload for recruiters is growing daily.

So, if you’re currently contemplating whether to start learning recruitment, the answer is yes! It’s relatively easy to do so because the market offers a variety of courses. It all depends on the time you’re willing to dedicate to learning and the specific knowledge you want to acquire.

Best it Recruitment Agencies in UK

are recruiters in demand in uk

The best agencies can be characterized by their attention to not only the technical skills of candidates but also other factors. Quality client work involves creating a detailed profile of the ideal candidate. This should take into account everything, from past experience to the psychological traits of the individual. Soft skills also play a significant role. Moreover, it’s important to work transparently and openly.

What does this mean? It means being honest with the client about  the timeline for closing the vacancy, the number of relevant candidates on the market etc. If a recruitment company pays close attention to its client’s needs, provides reports on the work done on time, and communicates professionally, then such an agency can be considered the best in its niche.

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